Site Preparation

How to prepare your site for Turf:

  • Eradicate any weeds with two doses of Glyphosate (Round Up).
  • Uses a bobcat to clear rubbish, weed or grass from the block and level areas for adequate water run off. Then spread some TurfGro underlay. Level Turfgro 25mm below driveway and road gutters for Nullarbor Couch and 40mm for Sir Walter Dna Certified, this will ensure your turf will be flush with the surface of your driveway and road gutters.
  • Use a landscape rake and screed to gain final levels.
  • Initial Lawn Establishment Requirements Watering 3 times a day e.g. morning, midday and afternoon. This will help to stop the turf from drying out
  • New root growth generally takes place after 3 to 4 days for couch and 7 to 8 days for buffalo
  • Couch grass should be mowed after about 7 days whilst Buffalo grasses after 2 weeks and then every week from there on.


The perfect Underlay and Top Dress

Turfgro premium underlay is an essential tool to ensure that your turf establishes itself well. Turfgro’s unique blend of organic materials provides the optimum balance of mineral and nutrients for your new lawn. Turfgro’s superior blend ensures that compaction is reduced, and the result is optimal conditions for the root structures of your new lawn.

Turfgro supplies the perfect balance of air, water and nutrients.

Turf Delivery

Get your Turf delivered to your door!

Turfgrass provides a delivery service from Monday to Friday. The truck has a tailgater forklift, which enables turf pallets to be placed where needed.

We deliver South from Sarina to Airlie Beach in the North and out west to Moranbah.

Delivery Day

Deliveries will be made between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

All turf collections will need to be picked up between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Turf Installation

Measure and Quote

Turfgrass provides a free measure and quote along with recommendations on soil preparation.

Pick Up

Turf & lawn care products can be picked up from Monday to Friday at 5 Te Kowai Foulden Road.

Supply & Lay

Sit back and relax while the professionals install your new quality lawn. Turfgrass has the personnel and machinery to install turf in any area this includes house yards, commercial construction, footpaths, drains and sporting fields.

Sports Field Maintenance

Turfgrass provides all types of maintenance solutions for sports fields big or small. This includes airation, sand top dressing & fertilising.

Large Area Establishment

Turfgrass can seed or sprig sporting fields and commercial property as a budget option to turfing.


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