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  • Combining the power of Blood & Bone with nutrient richPoultry Manure into one easy to use pellet!
    • High in Nitrogen & Phosphorus for healthy, green growth and strong root development!
    • Loads of Potassium for great fruit development!
    • Pelletised – convenient and easy to spread compared to traditional powdered blood & bone.
    Blood & Bone is a great source of natural nitrogen for healthy plant growth. As a soil conditioner, Blood and Bone Plus will encourage earthworms and microbial activity. Maintaining soil health will benefit the whole garden, helping you reap the rewards in abundant fruit, tasty veges and vibrant flowers! Perfect for Fruit Trees, Vegetable Gardens, Flowers and Shrubs.
  • The 3kg Bucket N-Phoska + Trace Elements Citrus & Fruit Fertilizer Pellets is a completely enriching organic fertilizer formula based on composted poultry manure boosted with potash and more, for growing an abundance of large, healthy fruit with loads of flavour! We have improved on the popular product used by many gardeners by adding Potassium and some slow release Phosphorus to carry the crop right through to harvest. Added trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Manganese and Iron make our Citrus & Fruit fertilizer the best choice for your fruit crop! For use on vegetables, flowering plants, citrus and fruit trees.
  • Neptune Liquid

    Organic Neptune Seaweed Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer. For use on all plants, flowers, lawns, fruit trees, vegetables, palms, shrubs and natives. A complete organic fertilizer garden treatment for healthy, happy plants! An all year round seaweed concentrate that improves nutrient uptake, promotes strong root development, flowering and fruiting & builds resistance against pests and disease. Seaweed plays an important role in the garden. While it will benefit the garden any time of year, it is most useful in times of hot, dry weather or in areas prone to frosts.
  • Poultry Manure Enhanced

    NUTRIENT RICH MULCH We have a new and exciting product – Not Just Mulch! Not Just Mulch goes above and beyond all other mulch products. It works like a normal mulch to keep weeds under control and conserve soil moisture but because it is poultry manure enhanced, it is also rich in nutrients! A mulch with benefits!! The added Humates have great benefits for the soil. They improve nutrient holding ability, stimulate beneficial fungi and help reduce nutrient lockup.
    • Boost the soil with organic matter!
    • Keep weeds under control!
    • Enhance plant growth!
    • Conserve Soil moisture!
    Great for landscaping, garden beds and around trees. We recommend spreading it around 40mm deep, keeping around 100mm away from the base of any plants.
  • The 3kg bucket of Organic Based Rose and Flower Fertilizer Granules is an organic fertilizer compost poultry manure base, specially formulated for strong, healthy plant growth and bright colourful blooms. Provides both quick and slow release nutrients to ensure sustainable growth and blooms over time. Contains the full range of trace elements to correct nutrient deficiencies and improve bud to flower conversion and foliage colour. Our Rose and Flower Fertiliser contains a balanced range of nutrients with increased potassium for enhanced flowering. The organic base adds carbon and provides soil microbiology. For use on all flowering plants and shrubs, potted plants and roses.
  • A fast acting liquid concentrate that delivers 100% available calcium. More effective than 20kg Gypsum! Breaks up clay and improves drainage! Super Cal is formulated to improve soil structure for gardens and lawns as well as boosting plant health, root growth and the quality of fruits and vegetables! This organic liquid fertilizer is available in a quick and easy hose on 1L pack!
  • Super Growth Liquid

    An organic all-purpose liquid fertilizer with a complete enriching formula for healthier, stronger plants. Rejuvenates soil and encourages healthy microbes and earth worms!  Slowly releases nutrients as your plants need them! Super Growth Liquid Fertilizer is formulated to improve soil health and boost plant and root growth.  Feeding through both the roots and leaves means fast results. Australian Organic Registered Garden Product. For use on all plants, flowers, lawns, fruit trees, vegetables, palms, shrubs and natives. This organic fertilizer contains: Liquid composted poultry manure, liquid fish, kelp, humic & fluvic acid.
  • 3kg Super Rock – Rock Mineral Soil Conditioner Nourish and re-balance your soil with our all natural blend of Rock Minerals with added Compost, Guano & Rock Phosphate! Katek Super Rock is an easy way to replace soil minerals and maximise plant nutrition! A great source of food for microbes! Suitable for the entire garden!
  • SuperGrass

    Lush Green Grass SUPER FAST! THE SECRET TO A HEALTHY AND LUSH GREEN LAWN WITH STEADY, CONTINUOUS FEEDING IN BOTH SLOW AND QUICK RELEASE FORMS! Super Grass is a balanced mix of synthetic and organic fertiliser granules with major and trace elements. The poultry manure base builds organic matter, improving the soil and encouraging healthy, even growth throughout your lawn. Katek Super Grass provides excellent results, in an easy to apply granular form. Just sprinkle some Super Grass around and water it in! Suitable for ALL types of natural and hybrid turf and lawns
  • SuperGrowth Pellets

    The Organic Super Growth All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer Pellets is an organic all-purpose pelletised fertilizer treatment brimming with a completely enriching formula optimised for healthier, stronger plants. Rejuvenates soil and encourages healthy microbes and earth worms! Slowly releases nutrients as your plants need them! Australian Organic Registered Garden Product. For use on all plants, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, palms, shrubs and natives and lawns for super healthy grass! Contains: Biologically active composted poultry manure, blood & bone, zeolite, rock phosphate, natural gypsum, sulphate of potash, worm castings, rock minerals, fish meal & seaweed extract.
  • Superior Blend Organic Enriched

    THE BEST MIX FOR YOUR POTS Katek Superior Blend Potting Mix is a blend of premium quality, well composted organic materials. Suitable for most indoor and outdoor plants, ornamental and flowering plants in both small to large pots, containers, outdoor garden beds and hanging baskets. Includes Water Saving Crystals for excellent water retention and added fertilizer with trace elements for successful growing requirements.
    • Indoor & Outdoor Use
    • Added Slow Release Fertilizers
    • Added Water Saving Crystals

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